English teacher moonlighting as school newspaper coach. I like words. The picture below is of plants called succulents. I like that word: succulents.


cace385e25610766c63b345d947a5be4[1]BE HERE.

I think my class is the most important one you will take this year. Yes. I said the MOST important one. Other teachers probably think what they teach is important. I hope they do.

know what you learn in this class–what you read, hear, see, speak, and write in this class–is important RIGHT NOW. It will also help you have a future that’s less boring and better paying. But, RIGHT NOW you might want to be less boring and more persuasive, less forgettable and more understood.

That is what this class is all about: reading for pleasure, for research, for the fun of knowing things; listening for the same reasons; speaking to share and develop your ideas and arguments with others; writing for the same reasons.

So you might hear me say things like…

“Don’t stay away all day for one doctor’s appointment.”

“Email me or text me when you are gone so that I can help you keep up to date.”

cbd618cbd4bc3966dc688c53e6a85658[1]“If your paper’s due and you’re not here, be sure you give the paper to someone to give to me, or email it to me, ON TIME.”

That is how important every day of this class is to me and to YOU. I can’t just give you a worksheet. We are thinking, and talking, and listening, and reading, and writing EVERY SINGLE DAY. That won’t fit on a worksheet.

If you miss class, the only safe way to get what you missed is to give me one 7th hour (2:35-3:00 P.M.) for every day you miss.




And YOU? What do YOU have to say?

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