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Congress has cut $600 million from Agency Leading Ebola Response

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Congress–It’s why we can’t have nice things.

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Of course, Congress will never cut, say, the oil-depletion allowance, which gives away billions to oil companies (with some of that money going back to Congress to pay them to keep the money coming). But a deadly disease? Probably Congress—or at least a substantial part of it—figures that God will protect the US as a Christian nation. If they even think about.

At any rate, Congress has been on a mission for years to defund Federal agencies, particularly regulatory or scientific agencies, because many in Congress see regulations and science as standing in the way of corporations that want to do a lot of business quickly.

Here’s the story from News 365:

From that link:

WASHINGTON — The lead agency tasked with responding to the threat of Ebola both within the United States and abroad has seen its budget drop dramatically in the past four years.

In breaking the news…

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