English teacher moonlighting as school newspaper coach. I like words. The picture below is of plants called succulents. I like that word: succulents.

Credit for culture

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Extra Credit

Opportunities for Extra Credit do exist.


Do something interesting. Write about it . . . then schedule a “Q&A” with Ms. Rain.

You may be inspired by one of the selections, below. Be sure that you are prepared to answer some tough questions about the event. Also, be prepared to re-type your paper after Ms. Rain has edited it. Extra Credit means Extra Work.

  1. Attend a live play production as a member of the audience, cast, or crew. Write a reflection paper and sit down for a Q & A with Ms. Rain within two weeks of the date you attend. Bring your paper and proof of your attendance.
  2. Write a news story about an event not covered by another Lawton-Ft. Sill media source. Bring your news story and proof that you were present at the event to a Q & A with Ms. Rain.
  3. Come up with an idea and we’ll talk—before you assume it will be accepted for Extra Credit.

Cultural Activities in Lawton http://traveltips.usatoday.com/cultural-activities-lawton-ok-103922.html

Department of Theatre Arts – Cameron University http://www.cameron.edu/theatre_arts

Lawton Community Theater http://www.lct-ok.org/


Author: rainteach

High school English teacher. Sponsor: IKE PATRIOT online newspaper, Poetry Out Loud, and Amnesty International Student Organization.

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