English teacher moonlighting as school newspaper coach. I like words. The picture below is of plants called succulents. I like that word: succulents.

Thank God it’s Friday, again

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Keep it 100


It seems one day out of seven tends to increase the general population’s level of happiness. I’ve gone outside, browsed my social media, turned on the television and radio, and a common factor in all is that I have seen or heard more than one persons express their excitement at the fact that it is Friday, again.

For many not having to work for the next couple of days seems to be the reason behind this Friday frenzy. But does work really imprison us so much that we are only free to live our lives on the weekend? Or is it just a psychological trap that those who work have fallen into?

I’m tending to agree with the latter; I believe it is all in the mind. Our emotions do not have a sense for the day of the week, it relies on the transmission of electronic signals from the…

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Author: rainteach

High school English teacher. Sponsor: IKE PATRIOT online newspaper, Poetry Out Loud, and Amnesty International Student Organization.

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