English teacher moonlighting as school newspaper coach. I like words. The picture below is of plants called succulents. I like that word: succulents.

Step: A Poem About the Moon

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A small, lovely poem about an historic event.


One of few pictures of Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Taken by Buzz Aldrin, July 20, 1969. Credit: NASA.

for Neil, with thanks

A step
before I was born
led to another

and another

until a path
wore through the book
on our shelf

and I sat on the floor
with black-and-white
family portraits

of the moon

as if reliving
a vacation
to the beach

this intimacy
into the night
when I trained
my binoculars
on a black sea
stripped of childhood

on a suspended
rock, falsely lit

and somewhere
in my focus:
a step.

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Author: rainteach

High school English teacher. Sponsor: IKE PATRIOT online newspaper, Poetry Out Loud, and Amnesty International Student Organization.

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