English teacher moonlighting as school newspaper coach. I like words. The picture below is of plants called succulents. I like that word: succulents.

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Weekly writing challenge: Saying Goodbye

Cultural Life

When I saw this week’s writing challenge from The Daily Post, I planned to write a fun story about the characters we see in the photo. But then I thought about the wider theme I interpreted in this picture: saying farewell.

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas
Source: Daily Post writing challenge: 1000 words, take 2

The people in the photo could be greeting each other, I suppose, but to me it looks like they are saying goodbye. So, instead of the fiction I intended to write, this real-life story about a difficult departure spilled out onto the page. I don’t often blog about my life and this is the most personal post I have written so far.


It was a rainy morning a few days before Christmas Day, the roads slick with water, when I drove to the hospital to say goodbye to my mother.

The phone call…

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What Not To Say To People Who Are Worrying

Cultural Life

I finally succumbed to the hype and read The Fault in Our Stars recently. Everywhere I go, I see piles of copies of it in book stores, posters advertising the movie and people enthusing about it on social media, so I thought I would try it and see what all the fuss is about. The latest craze in YA fiction, The Fault in Our Stars fits into a genre which is being called “sick lit”. First we had sparkly vampires (e.g. Twilight), then we had dystopian worlds (e.g. The Hunger Games and others) and now, “sick lit”, as YA books with themes of terminal illness are flying off the shelves.

The Fault in Our Stars (image courtesy of Goodreads)

The title of The Fault in Our Stars is derived from a line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in…

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I get paid to do this? When work is joy

There are people besides me who LOVE THEIR JOB!


By Caitlin Kelly

A print on polyester -- I had a long convo with the designer!A print on polyester — I had a long convo with the designer!

Sometimes work is sheer drudgery, the thing we can’t wait to flee at day’s, week’s or career’s end.

But sometimes, when we’re lucky, it’s pure joy.

A young friend of mine is traveling throughout SouthEast Asia for three months leading tours and photographing it all. She — yes, really! — fell off an elephant, and into the Mekong River in Laos recently. I awoke in suburban New York to her panicked email from the other side of world asking for my husband’s email; (he’s her mentor and a photographer.)

Here’s her blog.

Aside from a water-logged camera and lens, she is both working hard and impossibly happy, especially sweet after a New Jersey internship that was exhausting and often formulaic.

Two fabrics from a Montreal distributorTwo fabrics from a Montreal distributor

Last week was like this for me.


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BLACK BEAT: GUESS WHO? Singer, Actress, TV Host Flaunts Summer Beach Body [PHOTO]

Gorgeous? Yes! And also hardworking and interesting.

Black America Web

One of Hollywood’s brightest young stars has definitely grown up right before our eyes!

In a new shoot for ‘Runway’ magazine the actress, television host and singer flaunts her summer beach body!


Click through to the next page to see if you guessed correctly!


Did you guess Keke Palmer?

The 20-year-old shared the smoking hot photo on her Instagram over the weekend.

There’s no word on when the issue will hit stands, but the brown skin beauty is definitely serving up a new kind of sexy!

[ione_media_gallery id=”273292″ overlay=”true”]

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

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What’s So Bad About Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”?

What’s YOUR take on “Word Crimes” by Weird Al? (this article was written by Hannah. Follow Hannah on Twitter @curlybeach/@hm_leach)

so long as it's words

So Weird Al Yankovic is back. To completely lift the words of my brilliant friend Stoo, “you remember Weird Al, right? He was last popular around the same time as nothing at all, ever”. On Tuesday night, I watched his second video-a-day offering (following Monday’s ‘Tacky’, a daft but vaguely entertaining ditty to the tune of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’). Called ‘Word Crimes’, it’s set to the tune of omnipresent twat-anthem Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, and is a lighthearted riff on the mistakes people make in written and spoken language. OR IS IT? (Clue: it isn’t.)

As soon as I read that blurb, I inwardly sighed. Then as I watched it, I outwardly sighed. A lot. I knew within hours it would be a viral hit with the ~liberal educated Internet crowd~ (of which I am one, I hasten to add), and was proved right when I opened Facebook this morning and several…

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Step: A Poem About the Moon

A small, lovely poem about an historic event.


One of few pictures of Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Taken by Buzz Aldrin, July 20, 1969. Credit: NASA.

for Neil, with thanks

A step
before I was born
led to another

and another

until a path
wore through the book
on our shelf

and I sat on the floor
with black-and-white
family portraits

of the moon

as if reliving
a vacation
to the beach

this intimacy
into the night
when I trained
my binoculars
on a black sea
stripped of childhood

on a suspended
rock, falsely lit

and somewhere
in my focus:
a step.

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